Everyone has a story.....

even Tom C. Greer!

I grew up in Texarkana, Texas which is situated in the adjoining corners of Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma. I was very quiet in school and spent most of my time after school reading and dreaming about all sorts of adventures. My sister was an elementary teacher and education has always been important in my family. I followed in her footsteps and got my BS in Christian Education and my MS in Special Education. I have taught for twenty-five years in both traditional classrooms and those designed for students with disabilities.


I have always had pets and actually bought Honey after moving back home in 1991. I had been living in Hawaii for a few years, working as a counselor at a drug rehab center. I moved in with my mom while trying to get settled into a teaching position and told her I wanted to get a pet. A year earlier, Kandy, the pet poodle we had had since I was a child, had died from major health issues. My mom said she did not want me bringing another dog into her house, and I did not listen. Soon after that, I bought Honey. That whole experience is the premise of “A New Home for Honey.”


I started writing what would become the first stories about Honey after I moved to Dallas in 1998. She was always so adventurous and had done some amazing things since becoming a part of our family. I just thought her experiences would make great children’s books. I wrote the first two stories after Honey’ s death in 2001 and stuck them in a desk drawer for years. One day I opened the drawer, saw them, and decided it was time to take them to the next level. I found an illustrator who would work with me and create illustrations based on the actual settings of Honey’s stories. The books are written as her memoirs, where she is sharing her memories of a fun adventure in her life.


I have had expectant mothers buy my books to read to their unborn child, but the series is really geared toward students from 5-10 years old. I have read the stories to children as young as 3 or 4 and they love them, but the reading level is geared more to 1st thru 4th grade students. It is also very adaptable to reach students with disabilities up through high school age.


I am building a national platform that “Everyone has a story….” I want kids to understand that animals are very much like people. They have the same basic needs, desires and dreams. Pets need to be loved and cared for. When pets receive the attention they need, they are your best friend. Through the Honey series, children can learn a lot about several principles of exceptional character, such as adaptability, initiative, loyalty, optimism, perseverance, and respect to name a few.


I love an audience!! I have done several school visits in Texas and Arkansas over the last couple years and would like to build a tour that would take me across the nation. As a lifelong educator, I have built a little math, social studies, science, and language arts into my program. Teachers LOVE that!! I give kids a chance to talk about their pets and we really discuss how important it is to take care of our pets, physically and emotionally. Of course I read one of my stories during the presentation and I have a lot of fun answering questions students ask. Most want to know what new stories I am working on and when they will be out!!


I want readers to know that the stories in my books are based on the real life of this incredible pet. I honestly believe that children can and will learn many lessons about character development through the books and parents will enjoy the teachable moments sprinkled throughout the stories. Above all else, I want readers to understand that I really love my pets. I love having the opportunity to share my life with animals and I recognize the value they bring to my life. Finally, I love sharing the stories of Honey’ s life with students and would be ecstatic at the chance to visit schools across the country. The program is full of fun and laughs, but it is also educational and an extension of what kids are learning in the classroom.



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